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Our world class interactive team building drumming events are a proven way to build or bond a team in a fun and engaging way. Since 1990 we have been proudly creating innovative corporate drumming events to help people and companies connect and thrive.

InRhythm events work perfectly for any team building event such as; building a new team, creating a new team from existing teams, bringing separate departments together, merging the staff of two or more companies together, bonding an existing team etc…

InRhythm's drumming team building events are all about creating a real sense of community within your organisation. We do this by bringing your people together to communicate and relate more effectively in innovative ways so that they feel appreciated and feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

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Imagine This...

BOOM BOOM BOOM Ra tatatatatatat BOOM!

The team, to their surprise, hears the sounds of drums echo throughout the room. InRhythm drummers greet them playing beautiful high-energy rhythms. Everyone’s attention is on the drums. The drummers roam the room and naturally encourage everyone to interact. Then, they are guided into the team building area where they find a drum on their seat. Everyone is present.

Within minutes the team is playing the drums together, as a team. People look around in complete surprise to see everyone taking part, even the most conservative of the group. Then in InRhythm facilitator signals the group and everyone stops at exactly the same time. People are speechless.

The team is then effortlessly shown specific rhythms to play. The sound is powerful. The group is then divided into sub-groups that each plays a simple yet powerful rhythm, synchronizing with the other groups. An amazing phenomenon takes place. There are 3 groups playing 3 different rhythms but people can hear more than that. It sounds like 6 rhythms…the total is greater than the sum of the parts.

With a strong foundation and a common pulse the InRhythm facilitators guides the groups through a series of techniques that create the perfect analogy between the drumming and teamwork. Team members are experiencing what it takes to be a successful, highly effective team.

The team has reached a special place where they experience what it feels like to be autonomous. In other words everyone is simultaneously leading and following at the same time. This is a key element of a successful team.

The interlocking rhythms, created by the team start to speed up. Energy is high, people are present and everyone is connected. The group is ready to finish on a high. The team is working together, having immense fun and feeling great. They all play a signal together to signify to stop. BOOM. The room falls silent. Then… “RUMBLE” People go wild on the drums, letting out full expression on the drums.

The team is left speechless.

Now is the perfect time for an optional open discussion between members of the group. By experiencing the drumming the group has become a community, feeling supported, safe, trusting and ready to listen and be heard. We encourage the team to express how they felt, what they experienced and to draw analogies between the drumming and what it takes to be a successful team.

This is team building at its best.

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