“An engaged employee leads to better customer experience and retention, and a more successful, dynamic sales operation that retains talented employees longer…"

Corporate Case Study One

Sunsilk - 450 Delegates, Sales Conference and Product Launch


“Follow the lead.” Our client wanted a team building activity that illustrated the power of following the lead. They wanted to show the power of working together within a common system in order to produce results.

Desired Outcome:

Engaged employees that are motivated for the sales year ahead.

InRhythm Solution:

An InRhythm 15 minute interactive drumming event.

1. Place either a drum or percussion instrument on the seats of 450 Sunsilk staff members. 

2. Teach the group simple yet extremely powerful rhythms through a series of special techniques.

3. Introduce dynamics into the drumming event to encourage present moment awareness, create a healthy challenge and excite and energise the group.

4. Create a connected, engaged and healthy team that plays (works) in harmony and sync to illustrate the power of following the lead.


A successful event. Staff were engaged and very excited from the drumming experience. and healthier employees that encourages a better customer experience and staff that want to stay longer in the company…all helping to increase the bottom line of Sunsilk.

Corporate Case Study Two

Human Resources Summit – 150 Delegates, Icebreaker and “Wake Up” event


Our clients brief was two fold: 1.To find a fast effective way to break the ice between the heads of Human Resource departments from major global companies throughout South East Asia and 2. To energize and motivate delegates after the draining effects of a long day of conferencing and power point presentations.

Desired Outcome:

A successful summit that has completely engaged, motivated and energised delegates

The creation of an effective industry “think tank” 

The formation of a leading human resources community.  A community made up of human resource managers that head teams of leading companies in South East Asia.

InRhythm Solution:

One InRhythm 10 minute interactive drumming icebreaker on day 1 and one InRhythm drumming “Wake Up” event after lunch on day 2.

1. Each delegates finds a drum or percussion instrument on their seats at 9am on the first day of the summit. 

2. The InRhythm facilitator then starts to talk to the group through the beating of a drum …one beat at a time! Immediately the group will respond to the lead drummer and a conversation on the drums will begin.

3. Create a powerful group rhythm made up of a series of sub rhythms…all created by the delegates.


A group of Human Resource Managers that found themselves open and relaxed and relating to each other with ease and sharing ideas and challenges. The InRhythm interactive drumming experience proved a successful way to bring people together within minutes to create a healthy sense of community.

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