Drumming Entertainment

A sure fire way to ignite your event is with our spectacular drumming shows. You can choose for the drumming show alone or with full audience participation. This is where we give every person a drum or percussion instrument and lead the group on an amazing musical journey where the audience become the performers!

InRhythm’s professional facilitators will make your event unforgettable. This is the way to engage your audience. The beauty of our events is that everyone can be a part of it. Absolutely no musical experience is necessary. It is accessible to everyone regardless of experience, genre or culture.

Can you imagine how powerful this is?


World Class Interactive Drumming Events

We transform your special event in three ways, through an exciting fully interactive group drumming experience or with a high energy African drumming performance or a combination of both. InRhythm’s events fit perfectly into any theme or style of event:

  • Corporate culture events
  • Meeting
  • Parties
  • AGM
  • Launches
  • Leadership events
  • Corporate retreats
  • Wellbeing programs
  • Sports or cultural events
  • Special ceremonies
  • Any special event

A Free Drum For Everyone

At every InRhythm event each person receives a free African drum to keep adding immense value to your special event.

Community Success Stories

  • 20 hotel guests  Conrad Hotel Resort Tanjungbenoa, Bali Indonesia
  • 50 guests at a 40th Birthday party Sanur, Bali Indonesia
  • 10 guests at an Oazia Spa and Villa retreat Canggu, Bali Indonesia
  • Disko Afrika live drumming show for beach party goers Batu Belig, Bali Indonesia
  • 500 entertained at Bali Spirit Festival Ubud, Bali Indonesia
  • 40 people at a longevity retreat Blahbatu, Bali Indonesia


Corporate Success Stories

“An engaged employee leads to better customer experience and retention, and a more successful, dynamic sales operation that retains talented employees longer..."

  • 450 guests Sunsilk/Visicita Conference Jakarta Indonesia
  • 325 delegates Sampoerna Visicita Conference  Bali Indonesia
  • 150 delegates JFPS Malaysia Human Resources Summit Jakarta Indonesia
  • 20 hotel guests  Conrad Hotel Resort Bali Indonesia
  • 100 staff from 5 star hotels Bali Indonesia