Fire Dancers of Bali

Our fire dancers in Bali are amazing. They conduct themselves professionally and ensure that each performance is unforgettable. Complete with great smiles and great costumes you will be mesmerized.

What you can expect:

Fire dancers use a combination of the following instruments as part of the performance. The variety makes for an excellent show.

Fire Poi / Fire Chains

Poi is simply a ball of fire at the end of a chain. The fire dancer holds one poi in each hand and twirls the fire around in the air to create spectacular and mesmerizing fire trails as the fire travels through the night sky. Poi is a Maori word from New Zealand, were this art originates from.

Fire Staff / Fire Staves

Fire staffs are simply a ball of fire at each end of an aluminum pole. The pole is twirled using both hands at once or together. Staff can be thrown into the night sky which add to the wow factor of this instrument.

Fire Painting / Fire Trails

Fire painting or fire trails is when our performers paint themselves with fire! This is amazing to watch and many cannot believe the performer does not get burnt. (**Don’t worry, our safety is first and foremost) As they rub the fire over their skin it leaves a trail of fire in its wake. Amazing to witness.

Fire Hula Hoop

Yes that’s right a flaming hula hoop!

Fire Fingers

They look like very long fingernails only they have fire at the ends.

Fire Breathing

Yes our performers eat fire and spit the fire high into the air…spectacular.

Fire Safety

Safety comes first. Our performers;

  • Never perform under the influence of any drug, including alcohol.
  • Ensure their equipment is safe before a performance
  • Perform only in areas that are not a fire danger, for example under trees, too close to the audience etc…
  • Are aware of how wind affect fire and will not perform when wind condition affect their own safety and the safety of others.
  • Ensure that they have ample space to dance so that they are not endangering the audience.