Icebreakers & Energizers For Any Event

Your conference or meeting is a valuable investment of time energy and money. It’s important that your objectives are fulfilled during these crucial moments where you have the whole team or organization together as one. You want to bring your people together to accomplish your objectives.

This is where InRhythm helps you.

Through our engaging interactive drumming events and performances we can satisfy any objective;

  • Break the ice at the commencement of your event
  • “wake up” your staff / delegates after long powerpoint presentations
  • Motivate your group into action
  • Entertain your delegates

This is the way to break the ice!

10 to 1000 people...

A Success Story

Sunsilk - Sales Conference and Product Launch


“Follow the lead.” Our client wanted a team building activity that illustrated the power of following the lead. They wanted to show the power of working together within a common system in order to produce results.

Desired Outcome:

Engaged employees that are motivated for the sales year ahead.

InRhythm Solution:

An InRhythm 15 minute interactive drumming event.

1. Place either a drum or percussion instrument on the seats of 450 Sunsilk staff members. 

2. Our professional facilitators teach the group simple yet extremely powerful rhythms through a series of special techniques.

3. Introduce dynamics into the drumming event to encourage present moment awareness, create a healthy challenge and excite and energise the group.

4. Create a connected, engaged and healthy team that plays (works) in harmony and sync to illustrate the power of following the lead.


A successful event. Staff were engaged and very excited from the drumming experience. and healthier employees that encourages a better customer experience and staff that want to stay longer in the company…all helping to increase the bottom line of Sunsilk.

Corporate Success Stories

  • 450 guests Sunsilk/Visicita Conference Jakarta Indonesia
  • 325 delegates Sampoerna Visicita Conference  Bali Indonesia
  • 150 delegates JFPS Malaysia Human Resources Summit Jakarta Indonesia
  • 20 hotel guests  Conrad Hotel Resort Bali Indonesia
  • 100 staff from 5 star hotels Bali Indonesia