Team Building Company in Bali – Telkom chooses InRhythm Events

200 employees of Telin (Telkom) just got completely motivated and inspired by InRhythm Corporate Drumming event in Bali, Indonesia. The Batic event at the Ayana Hotel was highly successful.

The conference was looking like any other conference…people were looking a little sleepy and not very motivated. But then our facilitators came out on stage and started drumming incredibly uplifting rhythms.

Staff at the hotel quickly handed out drums to 200 people and they were asked to standing and come to the front of the stage. In only 3 minutes the whole room was full of life. Every single person was drumming together as one company, one team.

This was perfect team building and staff motivation in one.

After the drumming every single person was different. They were open and speaking to each other with enthusiasm and were genuinely excited about being part of this company.

The event was such a success that we were subsequently booked for numerous other events ranging from team building, corporate retreats, icebreakers and more.

See a corporate retreat in action, combining team building, motivation, staff reward and more:

Watch InRhythm in action