Team Building and Staff Reward through drumming for 260 people at Arnotts Indonesia

October 28, 2010

"Thank you very much for bringing the joy and excitement to our team during the National Conference. It was wonderful and every body is very happy.. especially when they knew they could keep their drum" Dwiana Susi Untari | Arnotts

This event was fun. Our brief was to combine team building with motivation, but with a major emphasis on allowing the team to let go, have some fun, and to reward them for their efforts. Arnotts has been working well and it's paying off. The management also realize how important it is to recognize the teams effort through reward and incentive.

We held 2 events for Arnotts over 4 days at the Gran Melia Hotel, Jakarta. The first event was more focus on team building a group of 80 upper management. The second event was the complete team of 260. Each person had their own drum ( which they gratefully kept at the end of the event) and we created a strong community through the power of the drum. Within minutes the entire group was joyously connected and enjoying themselves immensely. The great thing about these events is that they serve a company or team in many ways simultaneously. While rewarding your staff your are also helping to create a srtong healthy working community, break the ice, have fun and strengthening staff retention levels.

"Life has to be celebrated all time, we have to feel grateful for what we have .. :-)" Susi Untari | Arnotts

A highlight was when we led a group of 7 leaders through the entire team of 260, to there suprise. We created a simple yet powerful performance piece that was amazing! The energy was electric. We then led them into the ballroom where they all found a drum hidden under their seat. There was no stopping them.

All round a wonderful meeting.

African Drums for team building - Our stock just got a whole lot bigger.

August 29, 2010
In order to accomodate huge numbers at our InRhythm drumming events for team building, staff motivation and community events we need alot of drums! So, here in Bali we stock literally 100's of drums. With as little as 2 weeks notice we can have 1000 drums ready for your event. And you will be completely surprised at how affordable an event like this is. Even better we can give each person at the event the drum to keep as a gift to remember your event long after. An InRhythm interactive drummi...
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Bali Kirtan

August 23, 2010
InRhythm's been playing beats with Punnu and Harmony from Bali Kirtan in Ubud and in Desa Seni in Canggu. They lead such a good kirtan. Punnu knows how bring in the moment. The last kirtan at Desa Seni was divine. If you haven’t heard on Kirtan before, it’s an Indian style of music that’s all about raising the vibration. The lead sings a simple line in Sanscrit (a...
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August 23, 2010

InRhythm drumming group just played at this fantastic beach party in Bali. We opened the night with a set of African rhythms with cool breaks and chants. We set up traditional African style right in the middle of the café and faced each other. The acoustics were awesome and the rhythms drifted all along the coast. Then Stevie G played played the best Afro music on de...

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