I ‘ve just returned from natural inspiration. I joined Phil and Nic from Body Mind Life Yoga and Edo and Jo Nada Yoga | Kirtan Sacred Sounds, for a week of total immersion into the anything yoga…postures, singing (chanting - nada yoga), surfing, eating and of course drumming yoga. Our host: Heaven on the Planet, a very remote  Eco Lodge in the south east corner of Lombok, Indonesia.

We were a group of about 10. Wow, we had our own private beach, our own waves at “Ekas”, we ate like gods and goddesses and we just let go.

The guy that created this place knows something. I can tell he is a very generous man, he knows how to give, to live and to bring true wealth to himself those around him…is that an honorable way to live?

Something very special happened at that retreat. There was a moment when Phil through shear passion tapped me into the “what its all about” We were in a think tank, sharing ideas and inspiration and all of a sudden I felt it. Through the intention behind Phil words it hit me. My body was feeling good, I was aligned, I was present. And then I thought what is it that is happening right now that makes me feel this way? And the answer was right there…we were simply together, connected, a community, I felt at home, I felt at peace, I felt good! So oftern we alienate our selves unconsciously from each other and to make it even more challenging, our society in many ways encourages that separation.

I’m happy to know this, because with this knowledge I can do something about it. I can raise the vibration simply by being with friends, with like-minded people, people that lift you higher, people that accept you.

I’m feeling goodJ