A Unique Team Building Event In Bali For Miller Insurance

What's the worst thing that can happen at your company team building event? Everyone falling to sleep, disinterested and feeling unconnected....your message is not getting across...

With a day of power point presentations our client needed a unique event that would wake up each team member so that they could absorb everything being learned and shared on the day. They also needed an event that would bond the team like never before.

Enter Boom Whackers!

Team members were greeted in the foyer by the most amazing drumming...It was coming from their conference room. Within minutes the entire team had made their way into the room to find a boom whacker and drum on their seat. Without any encouragement at all every single person started to join in. It felt so natural.

Before the team knew it they had become a successful musical ensemble making very good music together. No one was distracted or using their phone. Everyone was awake, alive and feeling fantastic!

Team Bonding, Team Building and Happy Staff at its best!

What are boom whackers and do they suit my event?