InRhythm is led by a young dynamic team of passionate people from all walks of
life. We have come together through the shared joy of feeling connected
and at "home" through something as simple and innate as rhythm.

"As we are all rhythmic beings living in a rhythmic world, it flows, that
when we all feel our connection through rhythm and drumming we feel great. It's
really that simple."

Since humble beginnings InRhythm has now become an international company thats'

soul purpose is to help create meaningful healthy communities in any
organisation...and to have immense fun doing it!

Life is meant to be fun!

From the raising of your arms and hands, the rhythm of your breath to the rhythmic swaying of your body, drumming offers a full mind, body and soulful experience. When we beat a drum we align ourselves to the present moment. When we do it in a group we align as one. It is here that we can truly find ourselves...and why not have a lot of FUN doing it! After all life is to be enjoyed.

Our aim is to bring awareness to groups of people that true wealth and power lies in the fact that we are all connected. In this knowledge we can make great things happen. Our aim is to create empowered, connected and awakened people and communities. By showing that we are all connected, through the simply powerful experience of being in rhythm, we see that what we do individually affects everyone and every living thing around us.

When we truly realize that we are all connected, we can make life changes that support sustainability…in people, in companies and in turn help create a sustainable world. By encouraging this realization in individuals it flows that companies and communities will benefit greatly...building healthy communities.