Team Building Events In Bali

World class team building activities in Bali that successfully transform your team and bond your group.


Staff Motivation & Staff Incentive In Bali

Staff motivation events in Bali that connect, motivate and excite your staff into action.


Icebreakers & Energizers In Bali

Icebreaker and energizer events in Bali that work within minutes like you have never imagined.


Drumming Entertainment In Bali

WOW factor interactive drumming entertainment in Bali and African drumming groups that ignite your event.


World Class Drumming Events In Bali For Groups Of 10 To 1000's Of People

What to expect:

Events are as formal or informal as desired, indoors or outdoors, with focus on your specific goals and objectives. The great news is that each event we create achieves multiple objectives, such as team building, people motivation, breaking the ice, staff reward, entertainment, leadership, fun and more all in one event.

What is interactive drumming?

Interactive drumming or a "drum circle" as its sometimes known is about a group of people who by playing drums and percussion instruments together, feel connected, inspired, uplifted and great about life.

Perfect for your corporate event:

Our events are perfect for:
  • Team Building
  • Icebreakers
  • Staff Motivation
  • Conferences
  • AGM's
  • Annual Meetings
  • Outbound Days
  • Leadership Training
  • Group Collaboration
  • Staff Incentives
  • Staff Rewards
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Product Launches
  • Client Events
  • Team Bonding
  • Just simple powerful FUN events

Benefits of group drumming:

Our corporate drumming events support happy, healthy and wealthy objectives of your company.
  • Scientifically proven health benefits
  • Makes people feel connected, happy and joyous
  • Creates a sense of belonging to something special
  • Transcends ANY boundaries people may have felt previously such as age, genre, race, social boundaries
  • Everyone can's very easy
  • Because group drumming requires group collaboration it's the perfect way to build a team and show what it takes to be successful
  • Successful group drumming IS a successful team which CREATES successful wealthy companies
  • Group drumming is a very cost effective way to maximize your companies investment in your people

Rhythm truly is the mother tongue…

Because group or interactive drumming requires a group of people, it provides a natural, organic and very powerful way to bring people together.

Interactive drumming creates a sense of community within any group. By bringing a group of people together and connecting them through the universal language of rhythm, they get to experience first hand, a sense of oneness or connection not only within them selves but with the entire group, tribe or community.

As interactive drumming transcends all boundaries of race, culture, genre and language it connects any group of people from corporate to community and for any purpose from team building, people motivation to just plain fun. The group gets to experience the many benefits of being in rhythm.

Rhythm truly is the mother tongue.


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